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    Alka Tech is an industry leader in providing alkaline stabilzation systems
    Alka Tech is an industry leader in providing alkaline stabilization systems for the treatment of wastewater biosolids. Alka Tech's systems receive, store, deliver, proportion and mix alkaline and mineral materials with organic byproducts to manufacture Class A or Class B biosolids. With processing rates from 1-80 tons per hour, our systems can meet the needs of any size facility. Whether processing municipal biosolids a couple days a week or taking in dozens of different materials on a daily basis, Alka Tech turns your waste processing facility into a manufacturing operation.

    ?Alka Tech is involved with projects in multiple other industries such as fly ash conditioning, soil stabilization, stabilization of drilling muds, agricultural waste stabilization, and also the blending and mixing of various types of biomass for waste to energy production. We have been relied upon for many years for our innovative solutions to some critical environmental problems.

Alka-Tech Products
  • Mixing and Proportioning Equipment
    Mixing and Proportioning Equipment

    The Continuous Soils Processor is the heart of the Alka-Tech system. For more than 15 years the CSP Series by Alka Tech has proportioned alkaline and mineral byproducts with wastewater biosolids. The CSP is ideal for blending dewatered wastewater biosolids or manures with lime, fly ash, incinerator ash, lime kiln dust, cement kiln dust, wood chips, sawdust, soil and many other additives.

    The Continuous Soils Processor also has gained popularity in the blending and mixing of biomass materials for waste to energy projects. Alka Tech's thorough mixing capabilities provides a nice homegenous blend of materials making it easy for the densification into pellets or utilize the materials as loose fluff feed stock.

  • Bulk Storage Silos
    Bulk Storage Silos
    Engineered skirt- or leg-supported silos are used to receive and store the dry additives used in Alka-Tech systems. Materials are volumetrically proportioned to meet the requirements of the manufacturing process. Tanks are sized individually based on the mass balance and operating parameters specific to each operation.

    Alka Tech can provide a solution for all of your storage needs. Please contact us for more information.
  • Materials Handling
    Materials Handling
    Receiving hoppers and live bottom bins are put to good work by facilities receiving bulk shipments of organic materials like manures or biosolids. All equipment is fully integrated into a system to provide seamless, user-friendly operations.

    Alka Tech can provide live bottom bins, and all other types of receiving bins for your needs. Alka Tech also has the capapbility to add manually or hydraulically actuated odor control lids for your receivng bins.
  • Conveyance Systems
    Conveyance Systems
    Screw auger conveyors are used as appropriate to deliver materials as required throughout the Alka-Tech system. Specially designed for both the material and the amount, Alka Tech takes great pride in providing the most efficient means of conveying materials.
  • System Integration
    System Integration
    We use only the best components in our control panels, names like Allen-Bradley, Cutler-Hammer. All Alka-Tech systems include a color touch-screen human interface panel and include a programmable logic controller (PLC). Changes to the system are made from the touch-screen control panel mounted to the CSP. Controls can be remotely monitored using Ethernet connections. SCADA system compatibility is available.


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