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Alka-Tech News

If you are attending the 2014 WEF Residuals and Biosolids Conference being held in Austin, Texas, I would like to invite you to come visit us at the Alka Tech booth. We hope you each have a tremendous show and we look forward to visiting with you soon. Please keep us in mind when seeking information and quotes on your biosolids treatment solutions.

*Alka Tech has made the following changes to its CSP Designs*

1.  The sludge discharge hopper has been redesigned with vertical end walls and a 60% larger discharge opening to promote consistent material flow and reduce bridging. 

2.  The number of hold-down clamps on the inspection/clean-out doors has been doubled to ensure a tight dust-free seal.  The lower support angles on the inspection/clean-out doors have been enlarged to aid in removal and installation of the doors.

3.  The mixer lift cylinder and hydraulic power pack have been replaced by an electric actuator.  By replacing the cylinder and power pack, the CSP is now free of hydraulic components thereby eliminating leaking hydraulic hoses and fittings.  The 1 HP electric actuator adjusts the mixer angle for optimum mixing.  Once the angle is determined, a robust 1" diameter pin is used to hold position.

4.  Alka Tech has provided a recommended maintenance pop up screen to its new CSP units. This pop up screen notifies the CSP operator of what needs to be serviced and at what amount of hours usage. This enables the operators to keep reminded of needed maintenance and this will help our customers maintain a longer life expectancy on their equipment.

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